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Red Fort Delhi – A historical fort located in Old Delhi, India’s capital. Which was made by India’s 5th Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in 1639 Due to this fort being made of red or red colored stones, it is called Red Fort. But inside the fort is mostly white color. This fort is built on the Yamuna coast just like the Taj Mahal and the Fort of Agra. When Shah Jahan decided to move his state from Agra to Delhi in 1638, he constructed the Red Fort in Delhi. This was the reason for this. The height of this fort is 33 meters. It started making 1638 and completed in 1648.

red fort delhi

Red Fort was designed by ustad usman Lahori. Along with the Red Fort Delhi, he also constructed the Taj Mahal’s design.Built in the Red Fort, is a mixture of artwork or Persian, nrip and Indian art.Kohinoor diamond was also a part of the crown of Shah Jahan, which was made of solid gold and precious metals were engaged. Who used to wear Shah in his junket e special. Kohinoor Diamond is the world’s most precious diamond. During the British era, this fort was used as a mouthpiece building. Red Fort is the first tourist spot in Delhi. Which attracts all the tourists.

On August 15

When India got freedom, the first Prime Minister of Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, waved the flag of India on this fort. This practice has been taking place since then. Every year on 15th August, the country’s flag (tricolor) is hoisted on the country’s prime minister Red Fort.

Diwan – I – Am or Hall of Public Audience 

Diwan – i – Am or the ‘ Hall of public Audience ‘ was the place where Shah Jahan ( A.D. 1628 – 58 ) received the general public and heard their grievances. with a courtyard in the front, it was originally surrounded by arcades apartments used by chiefs ( Umaras ) on duty. with an impressive facade of nine engrailed  arch opening, the hall was ornamented with gilded stucco work. in the center of the eastern wall, stands a marble canopy covered by a ‘Bengal roof under which was placed the emperor’s throne. A marble dais below the throne inlaid with semi precious stones, was used by the wazir ( Prime minister ) for receiving petitions. Behind the canopy,the wall is decorated with beautiful panels inlaid with multi-colored stones ( pietra dura work ), representing flowers and birds, said to have been executed by austin de bordeaux, a Florentine Jeweller.

Important Facts About Red Fort Delhi

In 1546, the Red Fort was constructed just like the fort of Salimgarh, built by Islam Shah Suri. This fort represents the creativity of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s reign. According to Muslim traditions and models, this fort was built.The copies of the Muslim palaces appear in the Red Fort. It also shows a picture of Parshayan tradition. There is also a charming garden outside the fort, which is slightly different from the fort. Along with the fort of Salimgarh, Delhi’s Red Fort was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Center in 2007.

  • The Red Fort was first called Qila-i-Mubarak
  • In British rule, almost all the activities were in the Red Fort
  • It took 10 years to build the Red Fort
  • Red Fort was designed by ustad usman Lahori
  • It started making 1638 and completed in 1648
  • Kohinoor diamond was also a part of the crown of Shah Jahan
  • Its main door is called the Lahore Gate
  • It has 2 main gates : Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate
  • There is also an exit door of water in the fort
  • Red Fort is octagonal
  • It is also Properly called the color palace which mean colorful place


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